Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Grandmother

My Grandmother........ My grandmother was born almost a century ago. She was a very simple and carefree lady who gave us an incredible amount of love in this world. Sadly, last night, the love was taken from away from us.

My grandmother told us many many stories. From the days she grew up to the days she hid from the Japanese soldiers to her taking care of her kids and later, her grandkids, the s...tories was always so real and so candidly told. She would have given JK Rowling a run for her money if she was ever educated. To think she even taught me my basis japanese inspite of not going to school ever....

I remembered my Saturdays spent at her place when I was a kid. There is always some special dish for me and my sister. There was always some extra pocket money that she would squeezed out from her very tight budgets. There was always time for us. I will always remember the food, the cosy environment and the love that will so abundent in the one room flat.

My grandmother was open minded and advance looking while also making sure that she does not trouble anyone. Every once in a while, you can hear the F word from her about some opinion that she has. It is also rumoured that she encouraged one of my uncle to get married to an ang moh in the 1960s! Totally cool!!! She did not like to trouble anyone and always handled things on her own. Even when she was nearly blind in one eye in her 70s, she would insist on walking on her own to the market to buy her own food and papers.

When she was bedridden, we were all devastated, but she retained her joyful nature. The jokes kept on coming and when she is in her mood, no one was able to resist her charms. She would always cajole us into a game of mahjong, but being busy Singaporeans, we would never always comply. How I wished I said yes more times to her.

As she grew weaker by the day, the pain of losing her grew stronger as she slipped between conscientous and dementia.... On good days, we were able to have funny conversations. On bad days, she would be in a foul mood and snap at you albeit in a very funny way. We would still enjoy her attention on us.

In a way, I guessed it is a form of release for her and for all of us who have enjoyed her attention over the years. I must believe that she has gone to a better place and hope she has a safe passage there and start bringing joy and love to everyone again.

Goodbye my dearest Jia Jia.

Wake at: 405, Upper Changi Road, till Tues.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Arsenal vs Olympiacos

Tonight, we face the Greeks in our home.

With Diaby injured (again), expect to see either Ramsay or Coquelin slotting in midfield.

Giroud will be expecting to start, but Wenger may opt for Gervinho again after the impressive goal he scored on saturday.

3-1 to the Arsenal!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi Everyone, Introducing the latest Gunner in Town:



Thursday, April 26, 2012

At the end of the season, we will have a whole of players coming back from loan. Who should we sell and who should we keep and groom?

My humble opinion on some of them as below:

Denilson - Nothing much going on after giving him so many chances. Threatened to burn all bridges when he left on his loan. I say sell.

Bendtner - Do I need to add on this arrogant young man? But he is really capable of scoring goals and could have become a legend. Well.......

I say sell when there is still a high value on him.

Arshavin - Having arrived with a boom (remember the 4 goals against pool), the Russian captain has faded into the shadows similar to Russian failed World Cup qualifying campaign.

Regretfully, I think we need to sell him.

Ryo - Great performance by the lad at Bolton. Having the same breakthrough effect as Wilshere first year playing for Bolton.

Definitely one for the future. But should we send him out for another year of Loan?

Mannone - Having played 21 games for Hull this season so far, the Italian has proved himself to having capable hands. tough choice between him and Fabianski for the 2nd choice keeper. However, I still think both are not good enough at the moment.

Verdict remains on whether we shd keep him

Vela - the most successful loanee in terms of performance and goals. Vela is a like a fish to water in Spainish soccer turning out for Real Sociedad. With 11 goals in 31 appearances so far, it may be best for him and the club for him to be sold to a Spanish team.

Lansbury - the ever present potential is threatening to become a has been. How many years does Lansbury need more?

I am prepared to give him one last year to break into the first team. After which, we should sell.

Craig Eastmond - Was quite surprised when he was used in a few games and then sent out for loan suddenly. Definitely has improved over the season. May turn out to be the long term successor for Song, together with Frimpong.

Hopefully, some of these loaness will be our superstars next season.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arsenal Team: To stay or to Change?

After 7 straight wins in the league, last seen in October 2007, is there a need to change the team anymore? Are there still calls to sack Wenger or sell the team away?
At the start of the season, we lost two of our most influential players in Fabregas and Nasri. To add to these losses, the team was also recovering from the debacle of last season; where the loss in the League Cup Final to Birmingham destroyed the confidence of many players. With injuries putting out Wilshere and Diaby, we put out a youth team at Old Toilet and were duly giving a epic thrashing of 8-2. Daggers were out for Wenger’s head for the first time ever.

Not sure if the Old Toilet debacle or Wenger’s own realization of the team situation led to Wenger’s reaction. He was finally stirred into action and flexed his muscle in the transfer window at the very last min. In his words, “we finished our transfers at 1159 pm on 31st March 2011”. Mind you, the quantity brought in was historical for that window as we got Gervinho, Ryo Miyaichi, Park Ju Yong, Arteta, Mertesacker, Santos, Oxlade Chamberlain and Benayoun (on loan) to beef up the squad.

Alas, Arteta is no Fabregas although he bedded in almost immediately. With injuries to key midfielders and AA losing his form and playing as bad as Eboue once did, we were lost in midfield at the start of the season. The crisis was apparent to all and the confidences of the players were at an all time low. Wenger needed a miracle and a captain on the field.

In RVP, he found both. The boy who grew up with Arsenal and was 80% of the time injured decided to man up this season. He brought his scoring boots and make sure his body was protected well this time. At the age of 28, he finally shines after 7 years of nurturing. His 33 goals (26 in the league) so far has ensure that we are right up there in the Champion league placing. The surprising plus point is that he has proved to be an inspirational captain so far by keeping his temper in check and bringing the team up when the chips are down. In fact, the team set another record by winning 4 straight games after being goals down this season.

As the new signings bedded in and the injuries cleared up, the feel among the supporters was that we have turned the corner. Alas, Arsenal being Arsenal this season, we began a roller coaster ride. Down we went after losing to Man citeh, up we climb after thrashing Blackburn 7-1 and down we go again by losing to AC Milan in the Champion league away game 4-0. Not enough? Down we went by going out of the FA cup to a Sunderland team that we just beat one week earlier to the Cup game.

The daggers were out again. There was a public questioning of the methodology of Wenger and the transfer policy of the board. The supporters wondered if nurturing ungrateful young millionaires were led to years of reward of good football or it was just a dream. Loyalties of players were questioned and previous money diggers (Cashly Cole, Clichy the money, Somemore Nasri and of course Adebye bye) were hang out to dry.

Suddenly, the turning point came as fast as we were thrown out in the depth. 2-0 down after 34 mins at home to arch rivals Tottenham, the supporters were down in the doldrums. It was down to the leaders in the team to start the revival. Sagna scored his first goal of the season and the ever dependable RVP equalized before half time. The resurgent Little Mozart (Rosicky) put us ahead and we never turned back as Walcott finished them off with 2 more strikes. It was the mother of all comebacks and many wondered if this was really the turning point.

It was proven to be the turning point so far. The swagger is back and the team moved with confidence and style. With the Little Mozart finding his musical score and rolling back the years, we won the next 5 games on the trout with wins over Liverpool and a 3-0 thrashing of Milan in the Champion League. In the process, we overhaul the scums and wrestle back 3rd place which we sit 3 points clear at this point.

The calls to overhaul the team seemed to be a thing of the past. Are we finally able to look forward to the good old days with trophies galore? Or will the vicious cycle repeat itself again? Have faith, I believe we have turned the ship around and Arsenal is going to be associated with trophies again! Go Gunners!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Suddenly, a year has passed... much has happened with a change in job, completion of major projects, son turning two etc etc..... So much to do and so little accomplished......

health has not been so good and that is my aim to improve for 2012.
this is my declaration here and I hope that i will look back with pride when i check in again next year.

AND hopefully Arsenal do win something by 2012 May. It has been a long wait....

MErry CHristmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back on track

After a debacle of a start, it seems real that we can really take back our season after the 3-0 win over Bolton last week.

Come on Gunners! Show us the trophies again!!!